Thursday, October 10, 2013

Not Perfect...But Perfectly Fine

Hello there....he we are again...Joining together in this place...this place where I document my day to day battle of the bulge. daily little setbacks and my steps up...the at times, hormone induced musings of a middle-aged woman.

Our meetings here allow me to share the the ups and downs, the funny moments. ..the scary challenges...the perfect blessings wrapped up in the imperfect me!

Today was another step in this Journey. Not a particularly remarkable day...but another opportunity to conquer the fluff...another opportunity to live in the Light and fight the flab!
Here is the was not perfect but it was perfectly fine.

I am not doing this whole thing perfectly...not even close. The piece that I am working on right now is the balance between good, healthy accountability and my tendency to feel like I am coming up short...or just not doing enough and confessing my shortcomings here. I want this place to be the ONE place I can tell the truth and hope for the vulnerable without feeling like I am writing "Confessions of a Fat Girl".

So I am not feeling perfect today. ..have had a few food struggles and am physically whipped...No...I am definitely not perfect. ..But, I am PERFECTLY FINE!

I am still in this battle...still willing to be willing...still craving good health and still working on shedding my "fig leaves", embracing my imperfections and learning to lighten up!  Literally and Figuratively!

After last night's post about being a Champion of Love...Kerri reminded me how important it is to love ME!   She said it..."makes all the rest possible"

You gotta love her! She is seriously wise and smart as a whip!

Goodnight and here is to another perfectly fine day!

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