Monday, October 7, 2013

All Buff-No Fluff

Early Blog Monday!!!  It is lunch time and I am taking this Monday in full stride and taking this day as another step in the right direction. 

I am busy at work...and am focusing on staying on my workout plan this week.  I continue to be stalled in the weight loss department however, know that I MUST workout to maintain steady weight is just a fact! 

So...I will be intensely focused on my workouts as I prepare for my trip to California.  This next step is important to me...Important because I need the boost...I need to stay on this path...It means recovering from a sluggish start to the rest of this Journey...or should I say the next part of this Journey...

I have been thinking about how often I talk about "finishing" this Journey...meeting my goal and that representing the END of the Journey...but the truth is...There is no end to the least not while I am breathing...:)

This weight loss a Journey within the Journey.  It is by far one of the most life changing Journeys I have taken...AND by far one of the most rewarding. 

So...I need this Journey to stay on track.  I like this track...even with the all of the challenges and hard work entailed in continuing. 

There are lots of quotes, phrases, words written as encouragement for those of us taking on a big challenge...which ALL of us...We are all on a Journey!  We all have goals, dreams, may not be to lose weight...but we all have life aspirations...for ourselves, our family our career...etc...All big dreams...All important...

Below are a few of those words...written or said by someone else that serve as inspiration or encouragement for me...Today....I want to share a few...some you have seen...some you may have not! 

My Friend Camille sent this to me via text over the weekend...I love the words and I love the fact that she took the time to think of my Journey during her own!

"If your dreams aren't scary, they're not big enough"

One of the gifts of this Journey has been the new people who have become woven into the fabric of this very complicated process...One of those friends sent me this...Made me laugh and reminded me that I have amazing, funny supporters..who keep me sharp! Thank you Karen!

My vital and unbelievable friend Brigette has been an important part of my life Journey for a long time...She sent me this the other day...

"Worry a little bit every day and in a lifetime you will lose a couple of years.  If something is wrong, fix it if you can.  But train yourself not to worry.  Worry never fixes anything. "  ~Mary Hemingway


The above has made a blog appearance before...but I love is simple and true!  I have never really been afraid to Work Hard...I don't really mind it.  I come from strong women who have always worked hard!  But...Dreaming Big has always scared me...I have had lots of Big Dreams throughout my life...some I have pursued and accomplished, some I have pursued and have not accomplished and some I dreamed about but never acted on...the Hardest part...Having the Faith that those Dreams and the outcome of those dreams are fully insured in God's Love!!!  The Hard part is that All of my dreams are worth pursuing without knowing if my definition of success will apply or if the success is just in the act of pursuing! 

Dreaming...Having Faith...Worrying...Losing and Succeeding..are all part of my Journey...At times...more times than I like to admit...I am afraid..afraid to fail or look foolish..afraid to make mistakes that could not only impact my journey but the journey of those in my life!!! BUT...This Journey within a about reversing the fear...Overcoming that which keeps me stuck...I continue to be on a Journey to become a LOSER!!!

Before I go...I must share with you a video that my sweet friend Lindsey sent...It is a car commercial..but it is funny...and pertains to those battling the fluff...for those looking to go


Check it out at the link below!

All Buff No Fluff

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