Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Taking a break

Today is not going so well...we all have those days, I guess...but for this one...I need a small break...Just overwhelmed!

So this is my post today...Just need a break!



  1. Just "hang tight" my are correct....we all have days like that! A.C.

  2. Breaks are deserved! Hope today gets better - or at the minimum, tomorrow starts out better!!

    My weekend served as a real break and I fought that feeling of guilt that I wasn't getting enough done - or was moving backward on my goals, but I remember that rest/breaks go into any equation and that doesn't mean I will continue to slack. I had to redefine my "weekend break" as important preparation towards a successful week, & then follow through... Still working on my own balance of everything, but maybe it'll come together one day!! Meant to encourage you, but got a bit cathartic with my own break experience and balance goal!!! Hoping and praying for a great Thursday for my sweet friend!!