Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Go For the Gratitude

THIRD night in a row...The Fluffy girl is back to defluffing...pushing through the sluggish and pounding it out! Ok..."pounding" may be a slight exaggeration! But I am pushing...working...sweating...YOU KNOW!

My body is resisting...but the fact that in less than two weeks I will be in California meeting someone who trains people with zero percent body fat...is motivation enough to keep moving...I will be rolling up in there with my double digit body fat...and I DO mean rollin'!

Lord save us Ms Davis...I am excited, nervous, thrilled and intimidated! But it is ON...I AM going...no turning back!!

I know that will be a great deal to learn from the experience! Another Amazing Blessing!

So I am working on packing less fluff for my trip and traveling with more confidence! 

I was at the gym tonight and the below picture hangs in the women's locker room. I needed to be reminded...I can forget Gratitude at times...Not sure how. ..but it happens!

Gratitude builds my faith...strengthens my heart and bolsters my resolve...When I forget Gratitude....I lose momentum!

So my slogan for today...Go For The Gratitude! 

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