Sunday, October 6, 2013

Is Life Not More Than Food?

Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothes?

The above scripture is from the book of Matthew and certainly poses an interesting question. 

I think that if I truthfully answered that question...there would be times in my life when I would have had to really think about the answer....At times for me...Food and Life were interchangeable terms!  Food made life more bearable and certainly more entertaining...for much of my life.  And at times...when I really make the effort to minimize  the importance of food...I would honestly have to answer that life felt a little empty.

I  would imagine for  people that do not have significant food issues..the above may sound really pitiful...and truthfully....I guess it would not be an unfair judgement...But it certainly has been my truth over the years. 

So...reversing that mindset has been and is one of my biggest challenges..Over the last year...I have slowly begun to reframe my dependency on food...have worked to be mindful of why I I hungry?  Or am  I stressed, sad, in pain, overwhelmed....etc....

Those questions can be difficult to answer when I am in the middle of life as I know it...BUT...I continue to be willing to look at my motivation for eating...discern the reasons I crave food...and make a commitment to work through the emotional facets of my eating...hoping to decrease the number of times I stumble  to the refrigerator looking for a solution to a problem instead of nourishment for my body! 

I am a work in progress...Is not life more than food....Today my answer would be Yes...Life is way more than least the kind that you buy, prepare, chew, swallow...etc...

Food is essential to daily life....but there are other important facets of Life that need to be "fed"...and fed with something other than food.  I am learning that the peace of mind that being healthy more satisfying than any delectable morsel of food.  I know that being loved by another human being feeds me on a level that no calorie loaded treat could ever provide!

I know that filling my life with the all that God intended for me...will fill my emptiness quicker than any sweet treat or favorite food.

I just have to fully put what I know into my daily life...Practice it...Believe It...Breathe It and Live It!

So as I face a few physical challenges...I will Practice what I know...I will do my best to overcome the idea that Food and Life are interchangeable terms and instead come to live the idea that Life and specifically Living Life in the Light of God...will feed my heart and my soul, will soothe any pain and conquer all obstacles. 

So...I pushed through the physical obstacle today...I managed a 10 mile bike ride..cleaned house....shopped...did laundry...played a little volleyball with my soon to be 13 year old niece and even helped out with a little 7th grade grammar!  It was a good day...A day to be grateful and a day to remember that Life Is More than Food! 

Here is to a great week filled with lots of healthy living! 

Love to you all!  Jaime

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