Thursday, October 17, 2013

An Uprising of Prayer

Tomorrow is the big day! Leaving bright and early...back to Cali...back for a booster shot of inspiration!

My post tonight was going to be about how excited I anticipation! The next amazing step on this Journey...however things changed.

As I was driving home from the gym,  I called Donna to say Adios and check in with her...typically a daily thing. She shares with that she is on her way to the hospital to be with her family...You see...Donna's 30 year old niece has been bravely battling Cancer...and quite frankly. ..kicking Cancer's ass! Tonight cancer is pushing back...and the fight is back on.

I stopped by the house to check in with Emily...give her a few kisses and see how she was dealing with the news. Ironically,  tomorrow is "Pink It Out" day at outward day of support for those fighting and surviving cancer. My girl had created a t-shirt that in bold letters asked for prayers for her cousin.

Life is precious!  Every single moment!  The painful moments. ..the joyful moments. All are invaluable!

So tonight's post is a request for an uprising of prayers...A wave of the Peace and Healing and for my friend, her family, her niece and great nephew...God's comforting Love.

Goodnight my are all in my heart!

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