Friday, October 18, 2013

A Great 1ST Day! I am...back on Pacific coast in the OC! :)
Today has already been amazing.  First...I managed to get up...shower and be ready to walk out the door by 5:45...I was originally told that my car would be there at 4:30 AM...Hell to the NO!
Secondly...I SURVIVED the ride to the airport...missed being in a 4 car pile up my a nose! I want to say to the driver...Damn...let me drive...I make this commute daily without the near death experience.
My flight was great...though I feel bad for my fellow passengers...I am pretty sure I snored like a freight train once or twice!
I got to Cali...was able to check into my funky little motel early...and got to the beach in time for Casey's first match!
The day only got better...I got to hug my sweet, amazing friend Kerri...I got to watch her play...which was un-freakin-believable! It was also great to watch Casey...he is a fantastic player!
I got to meet Kerri's Mom...Loved her!!!
Already feeling inspired...and it is only day ONE!
I had an unexpected God moment...Thanks Carol for hanging out with me and for allowing me to share the delights of the day! Always nice to make a new friend! 
I finished the day with a walk on the beach....and a nice, healthy dinner!
Again. Kerri is so incredibly kind with an amazing blessed that God has seen to it that I have this opportunity!
Big day tomorrow....more fun, laughs, inspiration and kick ass VOLLEYBALL to come!
Here are a few pics.

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  1. Glad you got there safe and things have been good for you. Loved the pics of volleyball. Have a great time!