Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Air Fluffy

Hi there!  We meet again!!  Right here...smack dab in the middle of the De-fluffing zone.

I must be honest...I am exhausted!!!  After my late flight home from CA...Last night turned out to be another really late night.  Unfortunately, Emily's Dad was involved in a rather significant cycling crash and has a significant shoulder injury to show for it. 

He WILL be having surgery to repair what a nasty break..AC joint/clavicle...YUCK!!! 

So Tone Tone and I were called to duty..Mom fed Emily and I took over for the night shift.  Took her home so she could go to bed...and then waited on D and B to get home from the ER.  Consequently...I was still awake in the wee hours of the morning!!!

So...while I was helping out with Bill...getting him situated, etc...he and I started watching a movie called Beach Kings...a 1999 flick about life in Manhattan Beach and Beach Volleyball...So I am sitting...watching and suddenly I see Casey Jennings (Kerri's husband) in a "cameo" role flash across the screen..OMG...It was hilarious...There were several Pro Beach players in the movie...I had never heard of it...but it was kind of a funny irony and certainly a funny little perk to having to be awake for a late night crisis!!!

So...I fought the good fight at work today...or at least the good fight to stay I WILL be getting some sleep tonight! 

I am leaving work and heading for the gym...

This weekend is a funny Mini Goal!!!!  I will be doing AIROBICS!!!!  Yes...My fluffy butt will be doing a trampoline aerobics class...Thanks to my dear, kind, funny...possibly cruel friend Lindsay :)

I figure she either really cares about me and my Journey and wants me to stay involved and active...OR...she is trying to kill me...OR...she is looking to have a video go viral on You Tube...Regardless...I have agreed...Pray for all of us!!!  JUST CALL ME AIR FLUFFY!!!

THEN...NOV. 2nd...A few of us are doing a reunion of my 1st 5K...The Firefly Run...So.....You too can be a part of  TEAM MAWA!!!  HERE IS THE LINK!!!!! The run/walk is Saturday...Nov 2nd (7:30 pm-I think).  Come be a part of Year 2!!

On a serious note...Please keep Bill in your prayers and Donna's Niece Randa as she battles cancer. 

Please keep Kerri and April in your prayers as they play the final FIVB GS tournament in Xiamen, China! 

That is it for me tonight...Hasta La Pasta!!!

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