Friday, October 25, 2013

Stay Strong Beautiful

HAPPY FRIDAY...OR for me...Happy "Fried"day.  I am disgustingly sleepy today...even considered taking a nap in the Ladies room at work.  That is desperate! 

Have a full weekend ahead...Coaching my last 2 volleyball games tonight...going to try and catch the 2nd half of a High School Football game with my sweet pal Brig and her family. 

Tomorrow is AIROBICS...Let the Fluff Fly!!!!  Let the Flab Flop...Let the Bulge Bounce!!!!  That is all I got!!!

We are keeping the Divine Ms. Em this I will have to have Super Aunt energy through the weekend...

Sunday is Emily's school's Fall Festival (Bazaar)!  I figure by Sunday afternoon...I will need my down time...My Refresh...Replenish and Refocus time!

Not to mention that I am having a small battle with the Evil Hormoninator!!!!  Other than that...things are pretty low-key!  LOL!!!

I am REALLY ready to start LOSING some freakin weight again...I swear...It is like I am completely stuck!!!  BUT I WILL NOT BE MOVED!!!  I WILL BE VICTORIOUS!!!


I figure since I have set a new goal of realizing my dream of becoming a writer...I must seize the opportunity to have a really rockin' body for my first book cover...:))))

So it has been a while since I have lost any significant pounds..I know that there are some things that I can do differently and I know that I have the drive and dedication to accomplish this goal.  I just have to make the Choice. I have stated...My trip to California...My visit with Tommy...has renewed my inspiration and reminded me that the challenges I face are about daily Choices...Long term and Short term choices and with God's help...I can make the choices that support being a better, healthier me...I have done it before. 

I am learning that making a lifestyle change is about living that change...Not just a one time decision and action...but a combination of daily decisions and daily actions.  Some days are better than others.

Some days I drive it home and some days I mail in my performance...Some days I am focused on God's voice and some days I am lost in my own head. 

As I was talking with Tommy about my food challenges...about my version of an addiction...He was kindly honest and said...This is a challenge you will always face...I knew he was correct. 

As I have said many times here...I love food...Food is a reward...Food provides solace...Food is entertainment...Food distracts...Food replaces...Food fulfills. 

I am slowly learning that Food may do all of those things..But there are other things that also meet those needs that do NOT destroy my body but instead...Build my Body, mind and Spirit!

Food is necessary...It does Sustain our bodies...but It does not replace that which is missing or needed on an emotional or physical level.

I told Tommy that my whole life...Food represented emotions...and still does...Letting go of that is scary...It is what I know...but again...I am learning that there are other ways to get those needs met...and though the risk involved...the "putting myself out there part"...can be terrifying...When feels way better than any meal I have ever eaten!!!

So I will continue to write about this Journey knowing that all of these thoughts...these tedious steps I am taking are leading to something quite fantastic! Everyday!

I love hearing from you guys...your comments...your suggestions...your own journeys...inspire me. 

To all of you out there fighting your own battles and overcoming your own obstacles...Just:


 Lastly...Below is an interesting article...thought it was worth a mention and I definitely do some of these things!!!


  1. I can't wait to hear about these Aerobics/air-obics!! That sounds SOOO FUN!! Glad to hear about these other dreams as well. :) KEEP IT UP!!! Karen

  2. Thank you Karen...Air robics was tough...but fun! Worth doing again!!!