Sunday, November 17, 2013

Change Can Be Fabulous

This post is a pictorial review of the weekend...and in the midst of all the fun, I did have a thought...
I have always struggled with change...but I LOVE the changing of the seasons. .. and I particularly love Fall...
As I was snapping pics today...I thought about how happy this change...this shift from Summer to Fall always makes me...and as I thought about it...I began to equate that joy to the joy I feel as my life changes...from a a bright...healthy journey. A journey from the winter doldrums to the new life Spring know...A Little Spring in my Step...
So here is a montage of weekend photos.......ALL of which brought me great joy and remind me that Change Can Be Fabulous!


  1. the pictures show a fun/refreshing trip....happy you two had the chance to go.

  2. We had a good, good time! lots of laughs!!!