Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Carpe Diem

365 Days In A Year...Yep...that is right! 365 days to soak up like you were dyin'. For me...365 days to hopefully make a difference, lose 60 more lbs, grow on the inside and shrink on the outside!

So when I started this Journey....I joined my local Y.M.C.A.  and on the VERY first day I picked the locker # pictured below!

Now I think it has been irrevocably established here that I am a bit of a goofball...sensitive...overly at times...sentimental, emotional, and at times, funny (if I do say so myself). should surprise no one that I chose that locker as a way to remind myself that I am on a Journey...a mission and that I have an opportunity to make the best out of each and every one of those days! 

Of course...I think we ALL know that I have had some struggles...have done some whining...but overall...have had a pretty jam packed with blessings kind of year!
Now I am working on my second set of 365 days...STILL using the same locker...might even get my feathers ruffled if it is not available..(then I use #366...because God knows I could use an extra day). This second round of 365 feels a little different than the first set...but I AM STILL on a mission....still on that 120lb journey...still striving...reaching...working at refining me...redefining me...learning to BE ME...and LIKE IT!

I GOTTA BE ME!!!!! :O (singing)

SO...I am taking every one of these 365 days and running with the wind! Kerri sent me the below pic today...Just so happens to be PERFECT for this post!!

Before I go...I must announce that my Tone Tone and I will be taking a 30 DAY Clean Eating Initiative...I will be doing a cleanse and Mom will be forgoing sugar and unhealthy carbs for the month of January!  Can I get a Hell Yeah for Tone Tone!!

 Goodnight my friends...Seize The Day!

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