Sunday, November 24, 2013

YOU Are the Glue

Hello and Happy Sunday Evening!

It has been a lovely, chilly day here in Houston. A fairly standard Sunday for ..workout which consisted of sprints on the rower, 20 minutes on the bike, and the step trainer and my "quiet" time.

You can imagine that somedays I sit down to write this blog and think..."how many different ways is there to discuss being fat...forty(ish) and on a mission to radically change my fluffy, sick body into a happenin' healthy body!

It is on those days that I think about how hilarious it might be just to write.... still fat....blah, blah, blah, still forty (ish)...yadi, yadi, yah and STILL on a mission...hip, hip, hoorah!

Then I think...well...that would not be upholding my commitment to post daily about this Journey.   Because no matter how mundane it may seem...the DAILY journey tells the real story.  It is a day in and day out is not Quick and least not for me!

But during the daily grind of taking this Journey...there are so many little moments that fit together like a puzzle...that when viewed from afar...make an amazing picture.

As Thanksgiving rolls around....I, like many of you, am thinking of all of the many blessings I have in my life.  I really do attempt to frequently acknowledge those blessings fully knowing that the blessings in my life serve as the glue that keeps all my many puzzle pieces together and ultimately,  creates a beautiful picture.

Without the blessings...the presence of love, support, honesty, prayers. ..the challenges and triumphs would not fit together....would not make sense. 

So...despite my own critical voice...I am trusting this process...trusting the intentionality of my posts, pics...even a way to glue together this dream.  Putting myself out there daily. .."Facebooking", Tweeting, Instagramming this Journey will ultimately help me continue to create this beautiful picture that depicts the unlikely Journey...The Life of a Fluffy Girl...scratching and clawing her way to a new healthy happiness. 

My sincerest hope is that each of you continue to hang in there with me for the ride...For You Are The Glue!

Blessings to you all! Jlp


  1. I'm here sweet girl........still cheering! A.C.

  2. Doesn't get old!! Keep plugging away and keeping us updated! :)
    Also, did I miss it? -- Sometimes I have to play "catch up" on your blog if my week gets hectic.. Didn't you mention a new mini-goal and was thinking it sounded like something "out of the box"? Did I miss what that was... or still yet to be announced? :)

    1. Thank you Karen....I have not "revealed" the mini-goal yet...slight delay..but it will be soon!!! Thanks for ALL of the GLUE you provide!!!