Saturday, November 16, 2013

Laughter IS The Best Medicine

Happy Saturday...It has been a great day here in New Boston!   Slept in...hung out...ate turkey burgers...NO BONES!
Julie and I went for a nice 2 mile walk...saw a strange thing called a "horse apple".  See pic below!
Spent some quality time at the New Boston Wal-Mart...
Then...Game Night...My Family LOVES games...So all the boys, their friends and girlfriends (Jake, Wes, Wil, Haley, Kaleigh, Erica, Colton and Evan) Julie, Mom and I...played "Things"
Things a cannibal might say at dinner
My answer: This guy tastes like chicken
I wish I could convey here how absolutely hilarious some of our answers were!  We laughed our butts off!  More lbs lost...laugh and lose. ..hopefully!
My cousin Julie can make some seriously yummy food...she had this stuff called creamy tacos...she made chocolate covered strawberries and this divine white chocolate covered popcorn!  OH MY!
BUT...she and I had Grilled chicken Asian salads...and I just nibbled a bit on the other stuff! I am hoping ALL of the boisterous laughter lopped off a few calories!
A day of great fun...a little excercise...some great college football games...good food...and the blessing of joyous laughter!
I would love to think that laughter generates weight loss...that would be a bonus...But...I do know this...
Laughter is a great energy feeds my soul...warms my heart and is just so much damn fun!
It really is the best medicine! 
Here are a few pics of the day!
May your Sunday be filled with lots of love and moments of side splitting laughter!

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