Thursday, November 14, 2013


So Friday came early this week...which is NEVER a bad thing!  We are leaving 1st thing in the morning for PARIS. ..TX...
Yep...Paris, TX.

By this time tomorrow night I will be celebrating a New Boston Lions victory in the 1st round of the TX 2A High school football playoffs!  Nothing says Fall more than a chilly night on a cold metal bleacher cheering my stud muffin twin cousins Wesley and Wilson while they tear it up on the field!

I love it! I love 3 day weekends...road trips...high school football...small Texas towns and laughing my butt with my family! Remember...Laughter is supposed to stimulate weight loss!!! So bring on the belly laughs!

So a few victories/blessings this week:

I did my fastest 300 meters to date on the sinister rower...1:07 seconds.

I am close to announcing my next mini-goal challenge.

I pushed through a bad case of the "I don't want to's" and have gotten in all my workouts so far this week.

I got to spend an evening with my dear friend Mary...who always makes me laugh...think...and dig a little deeper...AND loves to talk as much as I do! Love her and love that we have been friends for so long!

Always love my late night emoticon fueled conversations with my Brig! Joy...nuttin but pure fun!

I have been going to bed earlier....AMAZEBALLS! Still need some work on the getting up part!

Love my "youngsters"...u know who u are!

And finally...have been blessed by God's amazing handywork ALL is an example below!

I am still defluffing daily...pumping...pushing and praying...hoping and trusting that everyday I am one step closer to my dream!

Goodnight my peeps!

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