Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Another Lesson in Letting Go

Life is so precious...so valuable!

As I lie in bed tonight...getting ready to post for today...honestly...I was running through the day...re-hashing some of my stressful day. Thinking about how I struggled today with food...body pain and the decision to take another night off from the gym.
As I laid down...I thought, "same old story"...food struggles...guilt about those struggles...vicious cycle.  As those thoughts ran through my head...I knew that I needed to pray...refocus....Let Go of the negativity and find my gratitude.

Before I started writing...I took my usual nightly stroll through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram...etc...(My secondary addiction).

There...on Facebook...was a post. A post saying that one of my dearest high school friends lost her husband to Cancer tonight.

My heart stopped as I began to re-read the message. I know my friend's heart is broken.   She and her brave husband have partnered to battle this disease so amazingly for so many years. 

The last time I saw my friend was at the Rally to Serve event in August. She came out to support my Journey and play some volleyball ( we were teammates too).  I knew then that her husband was still receiving treatments for the cancer.

I could see it in her face then...the pain that comes from watching someone you adore battle illness.

Tonight...my heart breaks for her. I pray for her the comfort and Peace that only God can provide.

I trust that her sweet husband is tonight finally without pain as he is Home.

As I conclude tonight....I am again reminded of how precious life is...how important it is to cherish ALL of it...even the moments that don't seem worthy of our gratitude...or that seemingly push us to our limits. There is in fact, something to be learned...some knowledge to be gained from each precious tick of the clock!

Life is so much bigger... so much brighter...when I open my eyes...take it ALL in and overcome the minutiae!

Life is so much more...I need to not only remember that every single day...but LIVE it every single day as well.

Glenn...may you truly rest peacefully.
Tina, you are and will be in my daily prayers.  I love you.

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