Saturday, November 23, 2013

An Imperfect Day

Hi there...late night...full day.  Lots of different emotions today...

We started our day at the Celebration of Life for my friend Tina's husband Glenn.  Glenn's friends, family, co-workers all dressed in Glenn's favorite sports team jerseys, gathered at the Southwest Airlines Hanger at Hobby Airport where he worked for over 25 years.  It was a touching, warm celebration of a life well-lived.  I was proud to be see what truly felt like a celebration of his life...the things, music and people he loved!

Afterwards,  Mom and I headed back home. Donna and I took a particularly chilly 1.50 mile walk before all of us headed to dinner and a movie. 

I did NOT have a great food day...instead I splurged a bit...but...back in the groove tomorrow!

You know...I just spend too much energy worrying about doing everything exactly is energy that I could use elsewhere.

I, despite the sadness of seeing my friends experience such grateful for this day. Grateful for the chance to live one more imperfect day...grateful that I spent that day with people I love. Grateful for the chance to tell my friend that I love her and support her...grateful that I got to spend time with my Mom...with Donna...have a wet, cold leaf battle with Emily and a friend...grateful for a blustery winter day...grateful that I still managed to squeeze in a bit of exercise...and even grateful for my imperfect food choices.

All in all...this day made me grateful for life and ALL of its (and my) imperfections!
Have a wonderfully imperfect Sunday!

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