Saturday, November 16, 2013

Throw me a Bone!

It is BEYOND late...and I am BEYOND tired. 
Mom and I were up and at em' this morning...picked up the rental car and headed to New Boston.  Nice drive. Made it in time to line the streets of NB and cheer the football buses as they headed to Paris!
We got to the game...froze and I had to work very hard not to explode at the absolutely horrific officiating we witnessed...My competitiveness and my strong opinions were in full force! 
But NB won...61 to 39...and though both groups of boys played tough...Lone Oak  had the Stripes on their side.  Tough Game! is never easy to eat healthy at football games...usually lots of fried know! But tonight the vendors in Paris had TURKEY legs...though not profoundly healthy. ..still a better choice than a chili frito pie! I was eating my yummy Turkey leg...a most heinous event took place...I accidentally swallowed a small sliver of a turkey BONE!
I thought I was going to choke to death...I almost completely panicked. ..but instead managed to retrieve the bone from my gullet and lived to see my young cousin, Wilson make his first touchdown...A pick 6!  So proud!
Now after the whole Turkey leg debacle...I was thinking, How pissed would I have been if I died EATING a Turkey!
I can see the headlines now...Fluffy girl with weight loss blog chokes to death while gobbling a Turkey leg!
Whew...glad that did not happen!
Overall..great day! Great football... Great Win...Great family!
Here are a few pics! I am exhausted. ..must sleep!


  1. I "did" one of those "shaking shoulder laughs" at your headline about choking on the turkey leg....hahahahahahahaha!!! still laughing. Please tell all, but especially the proud they BEAT the odds of the poor officiating and are still in the game. Continue to have FUN!!!! (minus the turkey bone slivers) A.C.

  2. Oh my GOODNESS!! Ha ha ha!! You crack me up!!! Glad you are okay!!!!