Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Making a Permanent Change

Several months ago...or actually more like a year or so ago...someone (actually several someones) told me about a documentary called Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead.  It had been recommended to me as a motivator for my own Journey...

But I just did not want to watch it!!!  I guess it was just too close to  home..in some way.  I have always been a reluctant participant in change!  At least in some change..I have to watch...think...ponder my next move and see some proven results before I take the plunge. 

So when I started this weight loss Journey...the risk for me was big...and Prancing myself into the "spotlight" (so to speak) was a risk that scared the hell of me but as you all know...I KNEW was absolutely necessary and that I too...was Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. 

So today...out of the blue...I decided to watch this documentary...It is a story about an Australian man who weighed over 300lbs...had an autoimmune disease, was taking a buttload of prescription meds just to function and felt as if each day was a struggle and that he was slowly dying. 

HMMMM....Sounds Familiar!  Except for the Australian and the Man part!  That is ME!!!!

So he began "juicing" only for 60 days...and he began to travel and film his Journey through the U.S. He talks about his struggles with food...with the mindset of being an "eater" and he tells his story through his testimony to others. 

As I was watching...He visits the Guru of Juicing Dr. Joel Fuhrman...and during the filming of his own appointment with Dr. Fuhrman...the Dr. stated this...

"You don't get permanently well unless you permanently change the way you live."

That really resonated with me...It is something that I am learning to do everyday of this Journey..and for me...It is truly a daily choice. 

You might think that it would be an easy choice...the choice to be well...and for some it is and easy choice..but for me (and many others) it is complicated...

So as I go headlong into EATING SEASON...I am again, confronted with changing my perspective.  Instead of thinking of the Holidays as a time to EAT...I will continue to focus on all the other reasons there are to celebrate this Holiday Season.

So as this Thanksgiving approaches...I will focus on the following with intention:

All those non-food things that I am Thankful for:

  • My family and the time I get to spend with them...
  • The Peace of Mind I have knowing that I am still on this Journey for over a year now! 
  • The fact that I feel good enough to do things that I could NOT do last year
  •  My friends both old and new that are providing the glue that keeps me together
  • My willingness to shed my fig leaves and wear the soft clothing that God provides
  • I am thankful for ALL of the single God moments that blow my mind and remind me of why this Journey is needed.
  • Thankful that God continues to give me the strength I need to take on this Challenge...and take the risk of sharing it daily...Even on days when it feels like it just doesn't make a difference!! 
I have done some really different stuff this past 15 months...I have taken on some wacky physical challenges (at least in my frame of reference)...I have put my heart out there...I have shared this Journey with people out of my league and I have taken the huge risk...of walking in worlds that I would have never thought I belonged.  I am learning to redefine my identity and be willing to make a fool of myself if necessary!! With all of the risks...successful or otherwise I have learned things...things about myself and others that are invaluable. 

So...during the documentary...Joe (the Australian) is asked by a gentlemen..."So what if you do add 5 to 10 years onto your life...what are you going to do with them?  I like that question...This is my answer:

Love more! Share the Joy...Make a Difference ...Shake things up....Prove to myself that I belong wherever I am and Inspire others to do the SAME! 

Strangely...when I started this day...I was not exactly feeling it!  Not sure why...even considered taking a break from all of this honesty and exposure...but now...not so much! 

Forge On!!!! 

Phil 4:13

Here are  few little funnies and thougths for you! Thanks to Brig for making me laugh out loud today!!!





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