Saturday, November 30, 2013

Fun, Family and Football

New Boston WINS!!!


Another Triple F Day!

Mom and I struck out at Noon today for Longview, TX and the Area 2A High School Football playoffs to watch my twin cousins play!

We had a beautiful day to drive...great weather!!

It was a chilly...well...plain old cold night..but GREAT for football!

Good playoff game...close...and the Teague Men ruled! Wes had a pick 6 for what I think, was the nail in the coffin! Both Wes and Wil played a solid game on both sides of the ball!

So we are headlong into a great holiday weekend...lots more fun to be had...

Actually got in a workout today BEFORE our multi hour drive...still forging ON!

Tired...ready to get a few ZZZ'sss

Again...Still on this Journey. ..Still Amazed at each and every blessing!

Here we are freezing!

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