Friday, November 22, 2013

Breathe It In and Love It All Out

IT IS FRIDAY>>>> YAY....No migraine today...Double YAY....

So last night...after my chaotic day...I made the executive decision to go and workout in an attempt to "work off" the nasty migraine. 

If you had suggested to me last May that I should skip on down to the gym in order to relieve my Migraine...I would have told you to get stuffed! 

Truth is...nobody has EVER suggested that I try and work out during a migraine...It was actually my own idea.  I tried it a few months ago...after having a migraine for more than 24 just go and move my body...nothing crazy difficult but just enough exercise to get my blood flowing and honestly...a desperate effort to relieve some of the stress that comes with constant pain. 

What I found out then...was that it DID relieve the pain...It did not necessarily make the migraine disappear...but I did get some relief.  I have tried it a few additional times and though it does not always work...It has proven to be a bit of a remedy. 

 Here is what I generally have found strictly from my own experience...light weight lifting combined with a light aerobic workout seems to reduce some of the  pain...the key for me is that I cannot lift anything too heavy...nothing that puts an undue strain on my brain (so to speak).  I also find..that the recumbent bike seems to work best for me while having a migraine.  Again...a moderate pace and for as much time as my body will tolerate. 

So yesterday was not a good day...I had to push through the pain AND honestly... I let stress rule my world yesterday.  So...I headed to the gym...did a primarily upper body workout...followed by 40 minutes on the bike.  After it was all over...I actually felt better.  Not perfect...but definitely better. 

This is a big deal for me!  My chronic migraines have been so debilitating for me over the years and I  have certainly tried numerous treatments.  After having 3 Botox treatments (not the cosmetic kind)...31 shots of Botox in my head and shoulders...I have found that the number of migraines I have each month have greatly reduced AND I am better able to recognize the warning signs.  Ultimately, I would prefer not to have any further Botox treatments and finding alternative ways to manage my pain is quite appealing to me.

Though I would not be able to hop out of bed at the onset of one of my migraines and rush to the gym...I do think that once I decide that I am up for really does serve as an option for relief.

This is great news for me...I certainly welcome the idea that I can literally "work out" a migraine or at least get some relief. 

As I was reading some posts on Pinterest today...I saw the below quote and thought about what it means for me.

Here is the quote:

So yesterday I was surrounded by my imperfections...My physical imperfections and my emotional and spiritual imperfections.  As I have said before...I would love for my Journey and this blog to serve as a place where inspiration is shared...where I can somehow repay the inspiration I have received and Pay It Forward to others...AND...I am guilty of thinking that I have to do it perfectly...I am guilty of comparing my Journey to the Journey of those that have inspired me and thinking that I could NEVER provide that kind of example...that kind of inspiration! 

But here is what is so true for me about the above...I have thought that God has guided me down this path...has provided me with the opportunity to share my experiences and again...hopefully serve as an example of the miracles He performs daily. 

And if  that is true...then I must also believe that inspiration must come through my Journey through my own imperfections. 

My poor health
My obesity (still hate this word)
My Pride
My stubbornness
My Fear
My Judgements
All of it!!!

My hope is that I am doing this by....

Getting healthier
By losing weight
By practicing humility
By having an open mind
By sharing my heart
By trusting God's Plan
By Letting Go and Letting God...of ALL of IT!!!

Here is what needs to be true...The inspiration I want to share is NOT about me...but about the work God does through me!!!


So how I deal with my imperfections...How I choose to live God's where the inspiration comes from.  I gotta keep breathing...Keep loving...Keep practicing...Keep the Faith and Keep on Keepin On!


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