Monday, November 18, 2013

Shopping on the Blessings Aisle


Fluffy is a little tired today! My weekend travels took a little out of a good way!

I made the decision to take a night off from the gym.  At times...I experience muscle pain and it just kicks my butt... I just need to rest.

BUT...There is a lesson in that for me...the lesson is is OK to take a does NOT mean I am does NOT mean I FAIL....It is just a rest!

I write this for me to read is Practice! Practice in changing my mindset...I EXERCISE my body and EXORCISE MY MIND...;)... so to speak!!

So today was a fairly ordinary store...BUT...the grocery store held an unexpected blessing....nothing better than a Blessing in the Checkout line! 

I ran into a friend from my hometown...a friend that I grew up with but have not seen in 15 or more years...

So there I am standing in line at the end to a busy a bit of a stupor...when I see this friend and it just warmed my heart!  It was on of those subtle God moments that pumps up the volume...reverberating and energizing...

We talked and realized we live within minutes of each know...small world...

So I thank God for these moments...moments when I get to practice being still..being open to God's blessings and getting to pick a blessing up at Kroger! 

Goodnight...Sweet Dreams and be sure to check out the blessings aisle at your local supermarket!

♥♡♥♡ JLP

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