Friday, November 8, 2013

Follow the Leader...Live by Example

IT IS FRIDAY!!!!!!!! TGIF!!!

Wow...this has been a looong weeeek!  I am ready for a bit of a break from daily stuff and quite ready for a Day O Rest from the gym.  I am feeling a little battered today..So in preparation for another 5K...I will be resting today!

So as this week comes to a close...I am doing my best to work from a place of Intentionality!  Intentional Living...Intentional Loving...Intentional Joy...Creating new, happy, Healthy Habits!

My brain is a bit scattered today...and if I posted my stream of might be a little too scattered!  So...I decided to just make this post about the random, things...things that I think about..things that make me laugh..things that make me think...and things I do to avoid being fatter.. 

1st Example...The Juice of Life...This thing was my "go to" drink in times of great emotional or physical celebrations and in moments of grave circumstances...BUT...when I started this Journey...I GAVE IT UP...But it still has my heart!!!  :)) THIS was sitting on Donna's kitchen table last night...EVIL!!!!

Example #2- I came across this quote from Anne Lamott...I actually follow her own Twitter...she is an author...Christian and a cusser...funny, quirky, intelligent...insightful. She used these old concepts in a book she authored...I liked her thoughts.

Whoever is present are the right people.

Whenever it begins is the right time.

Whatever happens is the only thing that could have happened.

And when it’s over, it’s over.

I told a friend...that if I lived like this..It would eliminate much of the worry, fear and prognostication from my Life!  Would not that be Glorious!!!  I told my dear friend...When I read these words..I see ONE word...FAITH.  The level of my worry and my fear still outweighs my faith on most days.  But I so want to tip the scales in Favor of Faith!
Example #3  In times of great struggle...great Joy...great thing is almost always a part of God's plan in my life!!!  HUMOR!!!
Having said that!!! 
Example #4  I came across this yesterday and truly LOL'd...It is just so me...genetically...through and through...I am learning to love my inner drama queen...worrier...AND...I would not mind having her take a back seat for the 2nd half of my life!!!

My positive spin on the that this kind of thinking..might just make for a wonderful novelist!!! Just sayin'
Example #4...Today would be my Grandmother's 92nd Birthday!  She was a strong willed, caring, feisty, loving, butt-kicking, caretaking, lovely human! 
I grew up with the same house...she and my Mom are the two biggest influences on my life.  Together they, along with quite a few others, were the village that raised me!  She would have LOVED this blog...that I know!  I know that today...she is having some heavenly birthday cake and smiling down on this Journey of mine!  I called her Gau Gau ( a 2 year old version of grandma)...and I gave her several strange, funny, nicknames over the years and she called me Cinda (don't ask...long story).  I called her Geems, Elizabethan Woman, The Bull, to name a few...Her name was in fact, Charlotte Elizabeth...but to most of the family..she was always Ebbie!!  So Happy Birthday Ebbie! 
Example #5   As the holidays approach...I find myself getting that rush of excitement that comes with knowing that soon I will be spending more time with family...feeling the lightness and cool in the air, fun Thanksgiving gatherings...Christmas Lights...and FOOD....LOTS of yummy food.  So...for a Fluffy girl on a mission...I plan to embrace this Holiday season...stay focused on the Joy of the Season and remember that I am on a path completely laid out by God...and all I have to do is Follow the Leader!!! 
So here is to Following the Leader...Living by Example and Living with Intentional Joy! 
Have a blessed weekend...Tell somebody you Love them....Flash those pearly whites at a stranger and LIVE!!!!
Hugs to you all!!!



  1. Great words of encouragement and plenty of laughs!!!! I so needed that this week; tough yet good; heavy and lighthearted - strange combo of a week I wouldn't take back but don't really want to live over!

    1. Karen...just so you know...I love getting your a good conversation...I ALWAYS look forward to hearing from you! You have been an unexpected gift along this Journey. Have a blessed day!! Hugs!

  2. You are too sweet!!! I am thankful for your sweet friendship and your honest words!!!