Saturday, November 30, 2013

It is Just a Matter of Time

Another great day here in New Boston, TX!  I slept A LOT!  Laughed, talked, and probably ate too much.

I started the day with a bit of a headache. resting was nice!

Each time we visit here...we have game night on Sat.  Tonight was no different! 

We played a couple of games...including charades!!  HILARIOUS! 

So much fun with a great group of teenagers with us grown-ups sprinkled in!!

Oh...and since this weekend included some great football...If you missed the end of the Alabama and Auburn game...find it and WATCH of the greatest final plays in football EVER!

So in regards to defluffing...not so much today...but back in the saddle tomorrow!

I know my Journey is a little sidetracked AND as I have is WAY too important to give up on...SO I will Forge On...I will take each day at face value...trusting fully in the value that each day brings. I refuse to buy in to the notion that this goal is out of my reach and I cannot let missteps or stumbles dissuade me from moving ahead.

Today's blessings lie in the time I got to share with my family.  The laughs, the conversation and the L-O-V-E!

Tomorrow is in fact, another day! Another day to practice faith, trust my path and share my heart! 

Oh...the fluff will is just a matter of time!

Here are a few pics...Much love to you all!

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  1. Oh, love the Christmas lights!! :)
    And whenever I feel like I have an off day, I am the type to get discouraged, but think of God's mercy being new each day.. If He can offer newness and mercy, certainly I should take it and offer it to myself! I love to see your persistence even if you feel there may have been a misstep!! :)
    Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving!! (once more!)