Thursday, November 7, 2013

Causes for a Cure

Lunch Post today!!!

First let me say that I had a great workout last night on the Evil Concept II Rower!!!!  My assigned task (some of you may remember) is to do 3 sets 300 meters in 1.50 secs. 

So last night, I REALLY was not feeling it...I did not want to go to the gym!  But...I went...FORGE ON!

My 1st set I did the 300 meters in 1.21secs...My second set..I completed in 1.17 secs and my 3rd set...I completed in 1.13 secs.  THEN..I did 600 meters in 3.50 seconds.  THEN...I did 6 miles on the recumbent bike.  All Cardio...and Stretching...

My favorite machine at the Gym is the Precor Stretch Trainer!!!  I love it!!!  It relieves a lot of my muscle and joint pain after my workouts...So...if you have access to one...give it a try!  I do it before AND after my workouts!!! 

So...I felt good about pushing through...forging ahead and the truth is...accomplishing a workout and in the midst of some fairly significant apathy felt fantastic...That is progress and that is Joyful!!!

But I have a much bigger task ahead...This weekend I will be participating in another 5K.... but this one has special meaning! 

I will be participating in a 5K to raise funds for my best friend's niece and for Triple Negative Breast Cancer Research.  Below is an email from my friend Donna that provides a brief explanation.

Hi, Everyone.

As most of you know, my niece, Randa Sixkiller Gatlin was diagnosed with triple negative cancer about a year-and-a-half ago. Triple negative cancer is a very aggressive breast cancer that affects both, young women and African American women. Sadly, we just learned that Randa's cancer has metastasized in her brain. Her amazing doctor, Dr. Angel Rodriguez, is doing everything he can to keep the cancer at bay and we are still praying for a miracle.
This Saturday is the 3rd Annual Cause for Cure Walk/Run in Tomball benefiting Triple Negative and Metastatic Cancer Research. They have collected $3,800 and their goal is to raise $15,000 for much needed research on this highly aggressive cancer. My niece, Randa Sixkiller Gatlin has participated in a clinical trial and will be the guest of honor. Dr. Rodriguez will be there to talk about the benefits and results of this very important research.
Please consider attending the event or donating funds for research. Net proceeds will be directed to the Methodist Hospital Foundation specifically for Triple Negative Breast Cancer and Metastatic Research. Donate or register to walk this Saturday.  The Financial support would be greatly appreciated and prayers are ALWAYS appreciated!

Believing that a miracle can and will happen!

Here is the link

This is Randa and her young son.


I so truly believe in the Power of Prayer and I believe that Prayer combined with God's unfailing LOVE can lead to Peace and Comfort...can lead to Miracles and Always leads to God.

So...I will be walking this Saturday morning...I would so love it if you would join me and if you can't attend, please consider contributing..even the smallest amount can make a difference. And if you cannot do either...Please Pray...Pray for Randa...Pray for Tristan...Pray for the family and please pray for God's healing and comfort! 

Again, Let it Begin With Me! 

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