Sunday, November 10, 2013


Good Sunday Evening...I hope today has been filled with lots of and renewal!

My day was fairly straight and then home...ideally to workout...and my Sunday quiet time minor change though! I got home immediately flopped on the bed for a "minute" only to wake up 2 hours clothes and all!!

Now that is some QUIET TIME! Oh well...must have needed the sleep!

So...after the nap...Mom and I headed to see my A. grandmother's middle sister and a constant source of support not only along this Journey...but my entire life!

So...I have told you ALL before...I LOVE my an only child...only cousins, aunt, uncles, great aunts/ on and so on...ARE my family.   Though we all have busy lives...busy immediate family and live in different places...we STILL manage to maintain relationships with each other...We see each other at special occasions...keep in touch via social media, etc...and despite the distance, different lives and time between visits...We Love!

So as I began to write this tonight...I want to share a story about my family.

This weekend, my cousins...Aunt Lois's daughters and grand daughters....launched MISSION MEE MAW! A weekend all girls party, holiday season kick off, shopping extravaganza to honor and celebrate their Mother and Grandmother in grand fashion!

They "kidnapped" her yesterday...all dressed in their custom "MISSION MEE MAW" shirts...drove her to the Houston Galleria, had rooms booked at the Westin Galleria and began the Holiday season with the lighting of the ginormous Christmas Tree in the mall, shopping, laughs, champagne, food and tons of LOVE!

THIS is why I Love my family...each of these women live in different places....have kids, jobs, businesses...but they took the time to plan and execute a wonderful plan that geniunely thrilled the honoree! I know...because I got the low down from LoLo!

I am proud of my family...we are different...have different lives...different friends...but we Love with all our heart!

Just so you know...every single one of these ladies have played a part in personally supporting me along this Journey....for that I am beyond grateful, proud and blessed beyond belief! #BBB

This kind of love is why I am an Overcomer. 

Here is to a week filled with Blessings Beyond Belief!  BBB!!

Tell somebody you love them and smile at a the BBB!

These are the MISSION Mee Maw team...with Mee Maw (LoLo)!

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