Saturday, November 9, 2013

"X" Marks the Spot

Hello there!

It is early Saturday evening....I, instead of doing the 5K today,  hung out with Bill...who had shoulder surgery yesterday... which allowed Donna to go and be with her family for the fundraiser for her niece Randa!

So...I hit the gym today...lifted some weights...worked on legs, back and shoulders...then did an outdoor bike ride with Donna while Tone Tone hung out with Bill...IT TAKES A VILLAGE!

SO...I was driving home last night from work and took the below picture! I thought it was incredibly odd, strangely beautiful and of course....decided there MUST be a message somewhere in the clouds!!

The First thing I thought was "X" marks the spot! 

Then I thought of a Pirate treasure map...the  location of the treasure is almost always marked with an "X".

And lastly, I thought of the phrase "You are here" ...marked by an "X"!

So as I drove...I could barely take my eyes off the giant ethereal "X" just above me on the Horizon.

I smiled as I visualized God taking His all powerful pointer and grandly sweeping across the sky to complete this big mark... this huge symbol...saying HELLOOOO...HERE I AM!!! UP HERE!

I smiled as I thought how I, at times, need a giant  X that leads me to the right place on the map...that reminds me YOU ARE HERE and so is God...

I thought about how many times on this weight loss Journey....I needed a giant show me the how and the why...and the when and where...

But the truth is...I have a great map that I have been able to follow from the beginning....filled with "X"s...that have lead to amazing treasures...and to the loss of 60+lbs. 

I decided that the X in the sky...the beautiful cloudy X...serves to remind me that I am on a Journey... I have a wonderfully mapped path and that I AM HERE...Right smack dab in the middle of a of a great treasure hunt...and the treasure lies in the Journey!


I like my story better!!

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  1. Totally going with your story!!! So awesome!!!
    PS Replied to your previous reply from last post! Thank you, thank you for your encouragement!!