Friday, November 1, 2013

Slowly But Surely

Hi there...It is late Friday or really early Saturday. ..however you want to look at it.

It has been a rough few days...too rough to discuss this late. ..but don't worry (haha)...I am sure it will be dicussed soon enough!  

Tonight.  I just enjoyed my "people" Emily had a year end volleyball game and I got to spend some time with my Brig and her family!

Tomorrow night is the Firefly Run...and I am going to try and "run" a portion of the 3.2 mile trek! 

It marks the 1 year anniversary of my 1st 5K!

Every day...another step...step by step. Slowly but surely!

Here are a few pics! My Em! My pal Brig and I...and the Teague Boys...Senior Night... Last home game!

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