Thursday, November 28, 2013

Everyday Thanksgivings

Happy Thanksgiving to ALL of you.

It has been a filled day with lots of family and friends. 

I hope you all had a wonderful day as well.

Of a fluffy girl on the road to de-fluffing...I have to say that I did a fairly decent job of managing my food today and certainly did enjoy the company...the laughs...complete with kids and puppies, way more than the wonderful food!

Tomorrow we are road-tripping again...headed for more exciting Texas High School Football playoffs AND more fun with my sweet family!!

As I think about this day...I am reminded that EVERY day is worthy of Thanksgiving...Giving thanks for all the precious, simplistic moments that may seem insignificant at the time...but when connected together,  make up the big picture of life!  A beautiful picture! many of those moments were crammed into one great day...hugs, seeing smiles I don't get to see often, talking,  laughing, meeting new people and of course, great grub!

Something I love about my family is that we open our hearts and our homes to others and really make every effort to make them feel at home.  That makes me proud!  The true spirit of Thanksgiving....joining together...welcoming and embracing life...God guided!

So as I finish tonight... I will leave you with this thought...Make Every Day Thanksgiving....Only with Healthy Food!  :)

Here is my precious family:

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  1. Looked like a GREAT day and celebration!!!!! Missed them all!