Monday, November 25, 2013

Random Thoughts Part II

It is some serious cold here today...rainy......cold.....windy....colder than a well digger's ass in the Clondike!

Consequently,  I am having some unwanted, unsolicited, uninspiring, un-freakin-believable body pain!

This lovely malady that I have seems to be woefully impacted by this weather. ..and has driven me to go to passing GO...NO collecting $200... (a little Monopoly reference).

I am alright with taking a night off when I feel like this...for the most part. brain however is still motoring along...lots on my real rhyme or reason....which could make this post a doozie.

So just a few random stories...and I will make an effort to shut down this crazy, fast talking,  life-pondering, slightly bitchy voice in my head!

So...a funny little story...Emily recently let me know that she had eaten some gluten free pretzels from Sprouts.  This is how our conversation went

EMILY:  Aunt Jaime, don't you shop at Sprouts?

ME: Yes...Why?

EMILY:  I have a friend at school who eats these pretzels that are Gluten Free and she gets them at Sprouts. I really like them!

ME: Would you like for me to get you a bag?

EMILY: YES!  But Aunt Jaime...I don't know why my friend eats gluten free pretzels. ..She is not even a Gluten!!

I love stuff like that...little funny moments wrapped up in a request for gluten free pretzels! 

Another random thought...Every Thanksgiving of my entire life (at least the best part) my Grandmother made homemade pumpkin bread the night before Thanksgiving. ..which meant that every Thanksgiving morning. ..while I was glued to the TV watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade...I had pumpkin bread for breakfast.  I MISS THAT!

Fact: I am 46 years old and have NEVER missed a Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade....have even been twice to NYC to see live and in person!

FACT: I was once a clown in the Humble High School homecoming parade....complete with big red nose and big giant clown shoes!

Another fact:  I LOVE giving gifts to people....can hardly wait for Christmas!!

Another fact:  When Emily was little...She got SO excited for other people to open gifts at Christmas....even more excited than getting gifts...LOVE THAT!

Fact: I am 46 years old and not only does Santa Claus still leave me does SANTA MOUSE...a tradition that started when I received a book (by the same name) from our neighbor Mary Ann when I was 6 or 7 years old.

One more random thought. ..despite the discomfort this cold blustery weather creates...I love makes it feel like the holidays. favorite time of year!

So...tonight...I stayed home with my random thoughts...tomorrow....back to the gym. ..taking the next step in God's direction...reaching for a big dream!

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