Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Gratitude Against All Odds

Feeling whooped today.

Another day lost to a migraine!  I have lots of those...but must grateful that the days lost have diminished over the past 18 months.

Today was what I call a "hospital migraine"...only I didn't....go to the hospital, that is. Nope...trying to avoid the chemicals. ..but did have a dream that I was looking for pain meds!  Lol!

Unfortunately....I have now had this migraine for 16 STRAIGHT HOURS! grateful that it has not been 16 straight weeks...been there and done that!!

So as I try to withstand this go round. ..I am truly trying to focus on staying as relaxed as possible. ..breathe...and hopefully sleep it off! Med free and comfort food free!

Prayers are welcomed!

I am grateful for this day despite the lack of cooperation from my body...This too shall pass!

I am going for Gratitude against all odds!

Goodnight sweet friends!

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