Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Being Indomitable




incapable of being subdued : unconquerable <indomitable courage>

I love the phrase..."Indomitable Spirit"...When I hear it...I think...WOW...I would really like to fit into that category! 
Have you ever met someone who just had a profound inner strength.  Someone who truly exhibited a great faith in themselves without being pretentious, arrogant, or seemingly dishonest?
Have you ever sat with someone...talked with them about their life, job, accomplishments, relationships and truly knew that they were completely genuine...no B.S. no attempt to "look" like anything different than what they really are...
I think it takes a few things to be considered that Indomitable Spirit...the person that gives 100%, gets up when they fall, is humble when they conquer, is grateful for their lives and shows kindness to all who they encounter.  Not to say they can't have bad moments...but they keep those moments in perspective..they refuse to be defined by negativity and they are grateful in real time...in the moment!  They have supreme confidence wrapped is Divine Humility.
It is funny...this just popped into my head today...after posting yesterday about my frustration...I received a few notes of encouragement and I sought out some of my favorite phrases about Courage and specifically the courage it takes to face big challenges...life changing challenges. 
I came across this quote.  I have actually quoted her at least once before and maybe more in the last 1+ years of this Journey...Again..this spoke to me!

As you might imagine...I TALK to myself a lot..in my head...reminding myself of my goal...reminding myself that I am not the first one to do this...not the only one doing it right now...I do my best to Self-Encourage.  I do my best to fight moments of frustration with help from others who have taken on big challenges...who have been there and done that! 

The exercise of writing my very personal thoughts here is a walk through vulnerability for me...It is a daily risk...despite my seemingly endless thoughts...some repetitive and some riskier than others...some coherent and some "not so much"...I really do try to make this place my daily practice of being honest, accountable...a place to build my faith and ultimately...to develop COURAGE!  The courage to propel myself into the dream I have for my life...The courage to have the quality relationships that sustain my dream and the Courage to completely and totally BELIEVE that I am (somewhere buried under all this fluff) an Indomitable Spirit at heart. 

I now know how much I have been able to use my poor health and my defeated body as an excuse for not being Courageous and for limiting my ability to do great things.  To clarify..."Great things" does not equate to popularity or fame or accolades...It does mean that I personally have the knowledge that I have given and  used every single gift that God has given me while on this Earth to the fullest! 

So I will continue to use this place to show my face...my heart and my fluffiness...to stumble through being vulnerable...making an ass out of myself from time to time and drifting way deep into the weeds...just so I can become the kind of person I want to be...The kind of person that so truly believes in who I am...through God's gift...that I exude the idea that with God's help, I am "incapable of being subdued and am unconquerable.. In a good way...of course...:)

So...here I am...still fluffy...still taking things One Day at a Time..still blessed...still surrounded some kick ass human beings...Still on a very specific path defined by God and Still Pumpin' Iron and Pedaling Fast!!!




  1. Love it!!! Keep it going, Jaime! :) I love that quote too.
    Your right about those individuals who are confident but not arrogant, humble but absolutely unrelenting - and unapologetic it too! :) They are so refreshing to be around -- and contagious people, in the best of ways! I hope to be like that one day... For now, one day at a day, trying to stay present (as you said) and share some joy and love!!

    You are such an inspiration... Keep up all that hard work. Maybe your building so much muscle that that's why your weight is stabilizing (from previous post)?? You think? I'm sure someone has suggested that already (have always heard that happens, but don't know if it could be the case); but maybe this is the case for you!! If you are losing inches, I think you would call that major progress, sister!! :)

    1. ...*unapologetic ABOUT it too! :)
      ...*one day at a TIME

      Oops!! I must be really tired today! What was I typing?!?! ha ha

    2. Karen...you always put a big ole smile on my face!! Thank YOU for the inspiration and serious support! I AM building muscle...so I continue to trust that the fluff will eventually flatten. ;-)
      It is ALWAYS a joy to hear from you! Sweet Dreams!