Friday, January 18, 2013

Weigh In #22-Welcome to the Love Fest

It is FRIDAY....Can't tell how happy that makes me.  It has been one busy week.  A good week...but a busy week.  My job is CRAZY....Now don't get me wrong..I am very happy to HAVE a job..and it is CRAZY! 

So...I am NOT working late tonight...When the work gets crazy...the crazy leaves the office!!! 

So today was Weigh In #22-I lost another 1.5lbs..I can live with that! 

My workout last night was tough.  One of the most difficult in a while. My legs felt like Jello...just really tired.  So I cut my cardio to 30 minutes...lifted some weights and called it a day!

You know, one of the challenges on this Journey for me is listening to my body!  Believe it or not, despite the condition I have let myself get in, I can overdue the workout. What I mean by that is that I can push so hard that I crater and am unable to stay on track.  So it is not that the workout is so tough...It is just that I don't regulate to my physical needs.. is just takes patience and time to build up stamina...especially after 20+ years of not regularly taking care of myself!  Ahhh...Patience.  Not one of my strong suits....Reminds me of Popeye..."I ain't no doctor, but I am losing me patience!" Gotta Love Popeye!  I have Selective Patience...I can be patient at times...certain situations or with certain people...However, I am not patient with myself...(or with other people in cars...LOL). 

This Journey requires a whole lot of patience!!!  That I am learning.  It also requires that I keep a good attitude about BEING patient!  Whatever...HAHAHA!!!  That is really the word that popped into my head as I was writing that much for the Good Attitude!!

So much more to learn!

Of course...I am still on a LOVE Fest this week...I like LOVE....It is fun!  My heart continues to be FULL...
One of my co-workers ask my why I was so perky today...I said "What do you mean?" ( I was singing and dancing at the time)...I was hugging the youngsters...cracking jokes...Me...Perky...Say it ain't so!!!   So much for professional boundaries....I am feeling the LOVE!  I am completely surrounded by it!!!

My friend Donna recently informed me that she is NOT inspired by my all!  Now she told me if I put that in my blog...I would have to explain...Her explanation is that she REFUSED to be inspired by my Journey...HOWEVER, she went to the Dr. (she has a cold) and they weighed doctors will do....according to her...the scale DID inspire She will starting her own Journey (privately).  I told her I loved her...I will support her anyway I can...and Welcome to the Love Fest!!!  I am sure she would appreciate a prayer or two!!! Kerri Walsh has the FLU!!!  She said she is feeling horrible.  I told her we would be saying some prayers for her...Bless her heart! 

ALSO, Please pray for my sweet cousin Brian and he goes on a mission  trip to El Salvador to do a job for God!!!  Did I mention I have an amazing family!!!

Week 23...Here comes The Fluff...I am ready to take on next week...Work out and Work it OFF!!!! 

Thank you to those of you that have really made a difference this week.  Thank you for the kind comments, words of support, unbelievable willingness to reach out and of course ALL OF THE LOVE!!!! 

I have not shared Blessings in a while:  Here are a few for this week!

1.  LOVE
2.  My sweet Mom...
3.  My newly inspired (not by me) friend Donna
4.  Camille for sharing her special heart
5.  Kerri Walsh-for continuing to be amazing and for having a HUGE heart!
6.  My Aunt Charlotte for ALWAYS letting me know she's got my back
7.  My Aunt Lois...for her unmatched enthusiasm
8.  Flowers from a co-worker (because I could not eat the muffins she brought for everyone else...Thanks Claire)
9.  For believing with all my heart that God is with me...I have been washed by the water!!!!

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