Monday, January 28, 2013

Sit Quietly in His Presence

Another Monday almost in the books...Been really busy so the day has flown by!  Which is nice! 

I hope this week has started well for all of  you!  I am a wee bit tired headaches have been a little more severe for the past week.  Which is a bummer and the pain makes me tired.  BUT...I will not be stopped (or at least I keep telling myself that). 

I walked 2 miles last night and walked another 2.2 miles this evening. On nights that I am not feeling well...walks seem a little more doable.  I know it is not some super charged, fat burning workout..but it is better than not doing anything at all! 

After posting about "worry" yesterday.  I got a really cool daily devotional from my cousin Barb..who is worrier as  well. I loved it so I am posting it here today.  She sent it via text so I hope you guys can read it OK.  The devotional is from the book Jesus Calling...

Thanks Barb for sharing this with me and again thank you so much for the constant support!
I love the line in the devotional that says..."Ask My Spirit to quiet your mind so that you can think My thoughts."
  A quiet mind is something I struggle with...I have more of a crowded, chaotic, room full of sugar loaded 3 year old kids kind of mind.  I have a very difficult time quieting my mind...I DO work on it constantly.  It is something that requires a fairly significant amount of effort.  I have tried different tactics in my most chaotic moments...I pray...but I often interrupt myself...I listen to what I call "massage music", I have tried classical music, that water trickling, bird chirping, soft rain falling, ocean waves kind of music...I have listened to guided meditations,etc...At times I am successful in quieting the times I am not successful...that is when the "worry" often creeps in...
So...I like that the above devotional says to "Sit quietly in My Presence"...I have a tendency to try and drown out the chaos...with other "noise"...much like I try to drown out emotions, stress, worry with food!  Worrying mind....nervous eating! 
It is funny.  I don't know if any of the above makes any sense to anyone else...but for is one of those jigsaw puzzle moments for me...I have been looking at these pieces of the puzzle for years and I never completely make them fit...and tonight, as I write this from that very same chaotic mind..suddenly the pieces fit together perfectly. 
As I work through the challenges of this Journey...this is just another reminder that this Journey is about so much more that just controlling my portion sizes and working my butt off in a place that constantly reminds me of the Village People...
This Journey is about finding ways to quiet my mind so that I can hear God's plans, replace the "worry" with gratitude, joy, love (you knew it was coming) and generosity. This is about learning to Sit Quietly in His Presence!  Getting skinny will be the icing on the cake! (I love cake)!  Clearly, I have some work to do!
Love and Hugs to you all!  May your night be filled with peace and quiet! 

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