Wednesday, January 23, 2013

World Class Fluffy Girl

Happy Wednesday Everyone!  I hope today has been a positive, productive...LOVE filled day!  I am still on the LOVE wagon!  Today has been an exciting day for me!  Though as I write that sentence...the next thought is...I must be nuts!!!  I am sure some of you would agree!! :)

I mentioned a few posts ago that I have had an opportunity to explore a few options for making changes in my diet.  I really wanted to explore a few ideas (professionally directed) about how to boost my metabolism.  I have made changes on my own however,  really liked the idea of having someone who actually KNOWS what they are doing provide some guidance on ways to best accomplish that! 
So because the entire process has been SO Divinely guided.  Within a matter of a couple of weeks, I had options!!  First, there is a nutritionist that often does segments on KSBJ (local christian radio station) and a couple of my co-workers met her via an Aggie Women's event..that I am going to see in the near future.  She offers multiple services and I think will be a great resource for me locally.  Secondly, out of the blue...Kerri Walsh (Did I mention that I LOVE her) sent me the name of a trainer/chiropractor that she works with, told me to call him and he has recommended a 28 day cleanse that he says will really boost my metabolism.

So, believe it or not...Today has been an exciting day because on Feb 9th (the day AFTER my 46th Birthday)...I will be starting this Cleanse (a 28 day cleanse)...HAHAHA!!! Who gets excited about a cleanse!!! Apparently, either I don't get out enough...or this whole healthy living thing is taking over!!! 

I spoke with Kerri's trainer today and he is sending me the stuff I need to get started.  He was so kind on the phone and I just felt like this was the right next step for me!  And again...I am excited about a cleanse...hilarious!!!

You know what this means...for those of you that follow along regularly...You are going to LIVE this cleanse with me...You are more than welcome to REMIND me about how EXCITED I was when I decided to do this thing!!!

I told this guy (who trains multiple professional athletes) that I was no World Class Athlete but was a World Class Fluffy Girl!!!!  I can do Fluffy! 

So another new chapter...another new adventure and again I am Still Inspired.  Completely Divine!  A God thing for sure!

I told Kerri's trainer that "she is the kindest, most giving person I have never met".  I told her that God is so working through her and I get to be Blessed by that!  Amazing!  Bless her heart...I sent her a million direct messages on Twitter...She may think I am a major Drama girl...but I swear...I am not! maybe I have dramatic capabilities...but this is genuine inspiration, love and appreciation for a kind act! 

Oh and Please keep Kerri, my sweet friend Stef and some of my co-workers in  your prayers...they are all trying to beat this crazy Flu virus!!!

OK...have to get to the gym...I am ready for the next chapter of this Amazing Journey...Who is brave enough to stay with me  through the Cleanse....I know you are out there!!!!

See you tomorrow...Blessings! 


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  1. You ALWAYS know I am with you Ms.Clean Bean.....A.C.