Thursday, January 24, 2013

Keeping Life In Perspective-Again!

Thursday is fading and Friday is just around the corner...Another weigh in and another close to a chapter of this Journey!  I hope all is well with all of you. 

I have been thinking a lot about perspective.  Of course, every one's is different.  We all see things in slightly or sometimes drastically different variations.  Our experience often heavily influences our perspective.  So after posting how "excited" I am to be trying this Cleanse...I thought...Wow, how my perspective has changed. 

It really was just a short while ago that I would have scoffed at, refused to, cried at the thought of doing a, today...4 months into this crazy Journey...I think it is wonderful idea.  It is just funny to me how our perspective can change or be impacted by our life experiences! The funny thing is that I really am excited...not so much about the "process" of doing the cleanse...but of the benefits of having completed it!

This feels like one more great opportunity to move this Journey in the right direction and boosting this seriously slow metabolism of mine is one way to advance the process!

Another aspect of perspective that often is in my mind is "keeping things in perspective".  This ties directly with the whole life balance thing for me.  If I keep things in perspective...with proper importance...careful not to give one thing in my life too much or too little emphasis..then it seems to me that Balance would not in fact, be so difficult to achieve!  However, though it looks all neat and tidy in seems to be damn near impossible to actually accomplish! 

But here is one thing that I think I learn more and more about each day...

I found this and love it...This is SO about the Journey!  Yes, I will be thinner and healthier (hopefully) as a result of reaching the goal I have set for myself...but the Journey..the Journey continues to be the real gift...everyday.  Perspective!

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