Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Lose the Drama-Drop the Lbs

Hello to all...It is rainy mess here is Houston today...I hope those of you here in town are taking it easy out there on the roads! 
Well...today is better than yesterday...though days like yesterday do take it out of me!  I got some great support from friends and had a really good workout out...even got in the whirlpool for a bit!  It was quite relaxing. 

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So...I have made attempts to take on Tuesday with a "revised"attitude.  I have worked all day at just breathing, focusing on what needs to happen next and remembering that my primary focus is getting healthy and that means reducing my stress level.  Lose the Drama and Drop the Lbs!

I continue to change up my cardio workout...a little Evil Elliptical mixed in with a little bike and now that I am able to effectively do crunches..I have been doing those...and in case you did not know...Those are hard!  LOL! 

I read so many articles that I sometimes just reached sensory overload...Crap...which one of these are the truth...which one works and more importantly...which one works for me!!! 

I guess you can say I am working on finding the right answers to my questions.  Sometimes by trial and error...suggestions from those that have done it...and coming to terms with what this change really means...changes in my diet, in my activity levels, how I work out and the too numerous to mention "other" factors that play a part in my daily health.

 Though this has not gone as I planned ...it IS still going.  I am grateful.  I must admit that I struggle with not measuring my success by the norms...or the "by now you should have..." or "why are you not...." moments.  It is an important lesson for me to learn...this WILL happen but it may not happen picture perfectly!  I cannot measure my success on public opinion, self-imposed rules or any other set of rules that apply to someone else.  I DO think it is important to have goals as motivation!  I know that I need a goal to work towards and we will see the outcome. 

Regardless, August 17th, 2013 there will be a volleyball game.  The only thing up in the air...is what size shorts/shirt I will be wearing!!! 

Here is a treadmill routine I am considering adding to my repertoire...courtesy of Lindsey!


I recently heard a story about Mike Weaver (Big Daddy Weave)-a contemporary Christian singer who has had his own weight loss Journey.  He penned a song that described his Journey...Below is a video of the song and a quote from Mike.  The Song is Redeemed.


It's about learning to surrender every area of our life over to Him, and to live in that grace that empowers us."

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  1. Cardio Bunny, great rhythm, but she would drive me nuts if I exercised next to her!!!!.......Volleyball in August....MAWA!!!!!! A.C.