Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Confidence, Courage, Humor and a Grateful Heart

Hello to all!  I hope you all have enjoyed the 1st day of the New Year.  I am feeling human again and am ready to go! 

So...I have never been really big on New Year's resolutions...I get the concept...just never have really participated.  However, I do like the fact that we End one year and Start a new year in a distinct, celebratory kind of way!
 In the past on New Year's Eve, I have attended a church service here in Houston (Unity Church of Christianity), that is a burning bowl ceremony...Now when I first heard about this church service, I was a little skeptical...it sounded kind of weird!  The idea is that you go to this church service that is largely meditative (is that a word?) and you write down all of the things that you want to let go of from the previous year or years...it can be anything...whatever you want to give to God!  You write it down on special piece of paper (smokeless) and one by one, each person in the congregation drops their list into a large bowl of fire...and poof...all of it goes away in the flames.  Of course, this is a ceremony, a spiritual release of all things that hold us back or weigh us down, things that are better left in God's hands.  For me, the service has been a good way to end a year.  A place to reflect without over thinking, to slow down at such a busy time of year and to make the effort to say to God...could you please take this from me...I do not know what to do with it!!!  

I did not go to the service this year.  So tonight I am taking a few minutes to think about this year, reflect on all the parts of 2012 (good and bad) and make the effort to Let Go and Let God!  Generally, this is a very personal thing for me and it generally will remain so; however, there are a few things that I think will be good for me to share.  Since this blog has become a place of accountability for me...this seems like a good place to outwardly acknowledge a few things that I could let go of and give to God.

Firstly, I have 90lbs to let go of...90 lbs that took me 45 years to pack on and 90lbs that I can only lose if I truly trust and have Faith in this clearly God directed Journey!

Secondly, I have to let go of all the How's and Why's...and just remember the Be!

Third, I must let go of all the thoughts, worries, self-imposed rules, etc...that keep me from this elusive Balance I speak of so often!!!! 

Despite that fact that I generally don't do resolutions, I am making one this year.  That resolution is this:  I will fully commit to God's plan for me and commit to following that plan with confidence, courage, humor and a grateful heart! 

LOL!!  I finished writing that sentence and thought...I hope that does not mean I can't whine!!!! 

So today is the beginning of a New Year.  It represents the end of a year of ups and downs, of disappointing moments, fears realized and overcome, surprises (good and bad), blessings, laughter, tears and joy and for me...2012 was the year when I decided to do my life differently, to take on a huge challenge and really believe I could do it and I am doing it.  I sometimes feel like I do not know much...but here is something I am confident that I do know...2013 will be the same thing...but completely different! 

I hope 2013 is a year filled with great Joy, Peace and Love and that each of us has all the Strength, Faith, Hope and Courage to embrace and meet all of Life's challenges head on!!!

I AM READY PEOPLE.  Ready to tackle this 90lb monkey on my back...Ready to feel great, work hard, sweat...whatever it takes to make this change.  MAWA!!!!

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