Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Close My Eyes and Listen

It is Wednesday...Hump Day...and I kinda feel like I am having some trouble getting over the "hump" today.  Not really sure why? 

It may be just one of "those days"...everybody has them!  You know...those days were we are just a little off...a little befuddled!  Days like today remind me of the pitfalls of hormones too!!  ha! I am...blogging at lunch, knowing that I have a lot of "day" to get through and knowing that I still have a workout to get through.  OH...don't worry, I am still inspired and still driving the LOVE Bus!!!  I just am feeling a bit Blue today! 

I have found myself listening to songs today that are a bit melancholy or that have special meaning to me!  As a singer, I can tell you that big, bluesy ballads were one of my favorite kinds of songs to sing when I was performing regularly.  Those were the songs I could get lost in...the kinds of songs that I had to reach way into my gut to sing...and always with my eyes closed!! LOL!! I was in my own  world when I sang those songs.  I still love those songs...but since I mostly sing when I am is not always wise to sing those songs...since I often close my eyes...which does not pair well with driving at all.  You think texting and driving is dangerous...

I have attached the link to a few song can hear the passion in these singers voices...just close your eyes  and listen.  NOT while you are driving!!!

I like that phrase I just used above...On days like today...I like to Just Close My Eyes and Listen!  Listen for God's whatever form that takes! 

So...I got the information about this "cleanse"...the birthday cleanse as I am calling it!!!  There are a slew of jokes running around my head about the "birthday cleanse"....none of which are really appropriate!!  However, after I received the instructions last night...I must admit that I feel a little nervous about doing it!  However, after reading through is pretty much the same exact cleanse that my friend Donna has done in the at least I will have her experience as a reference.  I am just a little anxious...but I know I will have support!  I will do it and I will like it!! HAHAHA!

Another new chapter in this Journey...even with the Blues and Blahs...I know that this is all a blessing.  Some days it will be easier to see than others...Some days it will be crystal clear and some days will require me to close my eyes...focus on God and just listen.  Please keep my Journey in your prayers!!

One last thing before I go....I got to hang out with with a few special people last night.  My buddy Nicholas,  his great big sister Hannah and their Mom, Grandma and Grandpa.  Hannah and I played Nail salon...she did my nails, and my hands (yes...hands) with nail polish, I was her employee and as her minion...I had to "fan" her nails so that they would dry and play my own version of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star on the Hammond organ.  She let me know that I was the Manager but she was the boss...clearly the Manager is responsible for all organ playing.  Best job I have had in a while!  Blessings!

Here are a few pics!  Please note that Nicholas and I have very similar tastes in hair styles.

My friend Kristen sent this to me today thought I would share:

"The path you set for yourself doesn't need to be popular.  There may not be people there to cheer you on and you might not have any company along the way.  You might be lonely. You may end up where you didn't expect and it may be a longer journey there than you could have imagined.  It may be harder than you thought.  But that has to be okay.  Because if it's not about the Journey, what is the point?'

Songs for your listening pleasure!

Up the Mountain-Patty Griffin

Circle Dance-Bonnie Raitt

Stormy Monday-Eva Cassidy

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