Sunday, January 13, 2013

You cannot Fail...Unless You Quit

Happy Sunday to ALL...I hope all have had a wonderful day full of love, family, worship, fun and of course, football!!!  OK...So my Texans did NOT win today!  Sad! know what??? They did NOT Quit!  I love that!!!

There is inspiration in not quitting!  It is easy to feel defeated sometimes...I have had many days in my life where quitting seemed like the intelligent choice and sometimes I have quit and sometimes...I have found strength that I did not know I had and stayed the course (so to speak)!  Anytime I have the opportunity to witness someone or a group of "someones" (in this case), push through a struggle, do more than anyone expected, succeed despite the circumstances or at the very minimum keep it interesting...:)...It is inspiring!!!  That does not only happen on the field, court, stage, politics... in the public happens everyday...all around us!  All kinds of people overcome the odds, keep the faith and NOT quit!  In the words of Abraham Lincoln..".you cannot fail...unless you quit" 
I must say this...this Journey is about being in Action, trusting, believing that life can be different and NOT quitting...even when I REALLY want to!!!!

So this morning was cold and blustery (such a good word)...Church was to spend a little extra time with Donna, Emily and her friend...Emily...who visited our Church for the first time today and confidently proclaimed that it was VERY weird!!! She is Catholic and I am betting it WAS a much different experience!

After Church...we were supposed to go celebrate my friend Stefanie's birthday...Unfortunately, she is ill and was not able to celebrate her birthday!  So Stef...Happy Birthday my friend.  We will celebrate another day...I am glad you were born and so grateful we have been friends since before either of us could drive!  You are on a Journey of your own...know that you are not going it alone and you have all that you need to succeed! You have all of the strength you need because God is with you and guiding you!

OK...I took today as a day of rest and will be back at busy life tomorrow.  Again, I ask for prayers that I can keep a reasonable schedule, eat healthy, get plenty of rest and ENJOY week #22 of this Journey.  Your prayers are essential!

Have a fantastic week...May your Journey be filled with all of the support you need.  Success is always achievable!  Journey 120 "MAWA Inspired"  Week #22-Let's Roll!

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