Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Holy Migraine Batman!

Holy Migraine Batman!!! Yes...today has been all about the migraine.  I have been doing so well...but today has been a complete migraine melt down.  Yet, I am at work.  We are just so busy that I needed to be here.  Though I am pretty sure that my level of effectiveness has been less than stellar!!

I find myself reading/writing the same sentence over and over again.  Nice!  As I said in yesterday's post...I really felt lousy last night and was, quite frankly, afraid I was getting the Flu or some other heinous bug!  But it appears that it was a migraine warning shot!  That is not something that I am not used to...In the past, I have not been able to say that I have had any warnings before a significant migraine.  I usually just wake up with it! 

So, I guess I am going to take it easy.  If my migraine subsides, I may try to get in a light workout.  No weightlifting!  Not that this is probably not an obvious thought...but take it from me, lifting weights with a migraine is NO BUENO!  The added pressure to the head causes additional tension and my experience has been quite negative.  Kinda like my head was going to explode! 

As strange as this may sound though...I am glad  it was "just" a migraine and not the FLU!!! 

I found this Evil Elliptical workout online today and though I would share...I may give it a whirl when my head decides to behave!

Lastly, I came across this today and so LOVED it!!!  Perfect!  I think I will end with that!

Here is to a migraine free Wednesday and a good rest of the week. 

Another reminder that you can now reach me at fluffy2lite@gmail.com

Take Good Care and God Bless!

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