Tuesday, January 15, 2013

This Fluffy Girl IS ON FIRE!!!

Baby it's cold outside...No really...It is sooo cold.  Here is the general rule of thumb...If a Fluffy Girl is cold...then IT IS C-O-L-D.  Happy Tuesday folks!!!

  So...I am getting ready to leave the office and head to the gym.  I have taken a couple of days off from the gym.  Like I think I said recently, I think that if I rest my body...then it feels like my workouts are more productive.  If I plow through the work week and then throw myself into hour+ long workouts...at some point...my body usually goes into some kind of physical rebellion!! 

So I am pondering going to Enchanted Rock the 3rd weekend in February.  So that would mean that I have a month (roughly) to get ready.  I have done some research and it appears that most people that have completed the hike to the top classify it as a "moderate" hike...though some classified it as difficult...I am betting I think it is difficult...regardless. 

However, I have done some difficult hiking in Sedona, AZ with my hiking buddy and BFF Donna...We did not do it on purpose...but we did it nonetheless.  We started out on a "moderate" hike (a loop trail) and ended up walking along a 3ft ledge and crossing crevices and doing crap neither of thought we could...because we HAD to finish the LOOP...We DID NOT LOOP....we had to turn back and go back the way we came...She would have to refresh my memory...but I am pretty sure we were on the side of that mountain for several hours... We were considerably younger then...We both lived though...Lived to hike Sedona again for my 40th birthday...A GREAT birthday gift (by the way). 

So I am excited about Enchanted Rock...I think my office pal Kristen will be joining me...Tone Tone will be going ( no hiking for her!!!!)...I am hoping Donna will go... though I am thinking the chances are Slim to None...and Slim just left...but I can hope!  Anyway...regardless...I LOVE to be outdoors and since I do still have a large volume of Fluff to contend with...going in the Winter is what makes sense...Cause going in the Summer will not be happening. 

I have received some great support and encouragement so far this week and I am hoping that will continue to Stoke the Fire!!!!  I have had the opportunity a couple of times this past week to use the following song as my song of the day and have not...So tonight is the night.  For those of you that actually listen to or watch the stuff I post on here...This song is for all of us girls (guys...you'll understand)...This Fluffy Girl IS on Fire....and ready for the rest of this week.  Ready for what I need to do to further this Journey, share this inspiration and be the person God wants me to be! 

Great song...Great Video! 

Girl on Fire-Alicia Keys

I am off to the gym...rowing machine here I come.  Have a fantastic night and as always...thanks for the inspiration, the love and the support.  Each one of you are so important to this Journey...family, old friends, new friends, Olympic Gold Medalists, Teachers, Strangers, those that have gone before me...Every single one of you!!! 


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