Saturday, January 5, 2013

Live It Up and Laugh It Off

Happy Saturday...Happy Texan fan here! Hope  you guys are having a fabulous Saturday. 

So I made a HUGE breakthrough physically today...or at least huge in the world of a 250lb Fluffy!  I completed 45 minutes on the Evil elliptical today!
Now for those of you that can do that in your sleep...bear with me!
4 months ago....actually about 3 months ago....I could manage a whopping 5 minutes on The Evil Elliptical....TODAY...I did 3 miles in 45 minutes.  The most I have been able to do is 25 minutes until today.
For me that is a big freakin' deal.
In addition to that, I was able to do 40 crunches....when I started this Journey....there was entirely too much Fluff in the area between my head and my butt for me to crunch anything!
I am on Fire!
Now I am cleaning house...sort of...basking in the glow of my accomplishment!  Lol!

I feel energized and am really planning on working hard to reach my next Mini Goal! 

Have a great night...tell somebody you love them...give a hug...or a will make you feel great!

Live it up and Laugh it off...that is my plan!

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