Friday, January 25, 2013

Full of Faith

Happy Friday...People!! YAY!!! I am SO ready for the weekend!!!  Today is weigh in #23! LUNCH Post!!!  O Happy Day!!!

Lost another 1.5lbs...Would love it to be 2lbs...but Hey...Still losing, still moving forward and still fighting to light!!!

I saw this and thought about my semi-disappointment when I "only lose a pound"

Besides the obvious fact this is a gross picture...look how much 1lb of fat is!!!  EWWWWW!

So Week #23 is in the books...29 Weeks to go!  2 weeks until The Cleanse begins!!!  My 46th birthday will fall into that time frame as well.  Here is the cool part.  I am going to be healthier on my 46th Birthday than I was on my 45th!  I like that!  What a birthday gift that is!!!

So yesterday I was thinking about Perspective and today's thought is about Courage.  I used to think of courage as something that only lies within a hero's actions...A soldier, a policeman, a fireman, a know those professions that require tremendous bravery and often personal sacrifice or tremendous knowledge.  But as I have grown older...I recognize courage in everyone.  We all have it and we all have displayed it for others to see!  It may not always be in plain sight and it may not be displayed in some grand gesture or poetic moment...but it is there.  I read a quote today that made me think about what Courage is...what it requires.

"A Man of Courage is also Full of Faith"~Cicero

Now...I am going to take the liberty to add "Woman" to Cicero's quote...he won't mind...he died in 43 BC.

But a Man or Woman of Courage is also Full of Faith..this really resonates with me!  Courage is a funny thing...I have been in situations where I had it and in situations where I am clear Courage was not present!!!!  When I have Courage...I KNOW that I have Faith!!!  That is a no brainer for me!!!! 

I don't really think of myself as courageous...I wonder if any of us do and if we did...would we say that out loud about ourselves!  Maybe...but here is what I can say about myself.  I recognize it in myself a little more these days...Not in some grand way and NOT of my own volition!!!  No...for me It IS about courage comes from courage...what there is...comes from God. 

As the Journey continues...I am going to need all the Faith and Courage I can get...

Here is one other thing I need to say about Courage.  I am surrounded by every day people who have tons of it!  Some know it and Some don't!  But what they all have in common is that they "model" that courage for me...I am an experiential learner...and I learn by watching others...I have always said that I often connect to God through other people.  I have tons of opportunity to learn everyday.  I grew up with strong women (particularly my Mother and Grandmother) who model a strong faith and both have/had tremendous courage.  I have friends and family who are courageous and exhibit an amazing faith everyday!

Just this week I was reminded of the courage a few people I know exhibit daily...

My friend who is just a few years younger than me who is preparing to take her medical school entrance exams, while working a full time job and grieving the unexpected loss of her mother.  Yet, not only is she forging on...but she is doing so with tremendous grace and humor...always humor!  THAT is courage!

My friend who has battled the flu the last 2 weeks, is managing some serious life difficulties, striving to be a good mom and daily working on being a better person...THAT is courage!

I have a friend who is making every effort to learn about herself, gain knowledge about things she finds difficult to understand and get healthy physically...while also being a wife, mother, daughter, friend...THAT is also courage!

I am surrounded!! All great their own way!  All courageous in their own way. 

Psalm 31:24 Be of good courage, and he shall strengthen your heart, all ye that hope in the LORD.”

Here is to a great weekend filled with Love (yes, I am still working the love angle)...Filled with Courage and Faith! 


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