Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Ready or Not, Here I Come!

Happy Wednesday....Happy back to work day ( for me). Happy 2nd day of 2013!  So I talked yesterday about liking the fact that we celebrate the END of one year and the beginning of NEW year...Ideally, this would include a complete overhaul, refreshed brain for the new year...Out with the old...In with the new....However....shortly after arriving at work today, my fantasy about a fresh start was rudely awakened by reality...the reality that I had a 4 day weekend and ALL of the crazy, sometimes unreasonable deadlines I had in 2012...are BAAACK!.. OH Well...a girl can dream. 

So what this means for that the job has not changed and the only thing that can change is ME!!!  My reactions to the stress, my managing my time, and of course making it's first appearance of 2013...Please let me introduce the Mysterious, Clever, Elusive star of Self Help Books and New Age literature worldwide...THE ONE....THE ONLY....BALANCED QUALITY OF LIFE ---AKA---INNER PEACE! is true..It took exactly one day in this NEW Year for me to pose this question...How do I manage a Balanced LIFE!!!!  Clearly...I do NOT know!!  LOL!!! 

Here is some excellent news for me though....I did not work late. I so could have...but I did not!  Of course, it helped that I had to pick up Emily...but hey... I still left the office in a timely fashion. 

So I will continue to search for this rumored Balanced Life...while I continue along on this Journey.  I have decided to think of it as a big game of Hide and Seek...Ready or Not....Here I come!!!!!

Before I go...I saw this today...All I can say is Unbelievable...Amazing...Inspiring and a Wee Bit Crazy!!!!

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  1. 30lbs down. Very nice!

    Keep it up Jaime.