Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A Full Heart

Happy Early my quest to find Life/Work Balance is not going so well...the scales tipped heavily in favor of work today!!!  Really quite puzzling...I am a fairly intelligent human being and it feels like this should be easier...but alas, that is not the case! 

So here I is midnight..I got home at 9:30 PM...went for a walk in the freezing cold...and yes, it really is freezing cold here in the Bayou City!  Supposed to be in the upper 20's tonight!  But there is good news...I think I have solved my weight loss issues...I walked, was frozen solid and was able to chip off excess pounds....these pants fit before my walk!

Not REALLY!!! LOL...though I must say...I have not had on these sweats since last winter...and they are a tad bit too large!!!  Yea for the Fluffy Girl!!!! 

So I finished my walk, ate dinner (yummy spaghetti squash) and watched a little Criminal that show and now here we are!!!  Here I am post walk...frozen solid...notice I did not "chip off" my double chin...hehehe!!!

Despite my inability to manage my life well...I must say...My heart is full!!!  I am loving this week #22!  I have had a few quiet breakthroughs...For the first time in the last few months, I don't feel like I am constantly thinking about food...what to eat...what not to eat, that constant question in my mind about How, What, When, Why...I feel a little more settled this week.
It kinda snuck up on me...Tonight I was sitting thinking about which of the million thoughts zooming around my head I was going to use...try to make sense of and write down here..when I realized..I am just happy...I am alright with all of this...even the fruitless efforts to maneuver the ever elusive, slippery slope that is BALANCE.  Who knew!  

I feel like I have options for making the changes I need to make in my diet.  Again, my favorite Olympian has shown me great kindness this week and given me options that I would not ever have had without her willingness to support me in this Journey.  I so hope I can somehow pay that forward and I would be lying if I did not say that I would so love the opportunity to thank her face to may sound a bit corny coming out of my mouth...but that would be a dream! 

It is only Wednesday and already this week...I have been shown so much kindness, so much love, given the opportunity to be impacted by God's Grace in more than one way. Again, the only thing I can say is that I feel so Blessed! 

Another quiet breakthrough this a little more in depth and I am not thinking this is the place to fully share...but I will say this...I have had a few things happen this week that would normally well...quite frankly...send me to the Fridge--so to speak! But that did not happen...I cannot exactly verbalize why and I further don't think I can verbalize what a major event that is for me...being an emotional eater sucks..and any moment that I can overcome that ( and not be in major stress) is a great thing!  I hope that makes sense! 

OK...So since I am feeling all warm and fuzzy...happy to be here and so glad that this Journey continues to be amazing...Let me just thank all of you for supporting me and loving me through this!  Hang in there with me...We've got 7.5 months to go (at least)...

All my love! is a great segment I saw today about another weight loss Journey!

Cool Weight Loss Story


  1. Great Post!!!!! A.C.

  2. And yes... Still supporting you, reading your Blog & loving you through this Journey. Have a prayer request... Brian is in El Salvador on a Mission Trip with some guys.. Working on an Orphanage there. He'll return Monday. But y'all pray for his safety & that he will be the one blessed. Love Barb

    1. Thank you Barb...I so appreciate it. I saw that Brian is in El Salvador. I will keep in my prayers. Love you guys so much! Jaime