Friday, January 4, 2013

Weigh In #20 and Mini-Goal #4

It is a Friday at the end of a 3 day work of my favorite things!!!  I hope  you all are well and are ready for the weekend.  Today was weigh in #20 and I lost the 1.5lbs I gained at Christmas.  So...I am alright with that! 

I am feeling the need to say out loud that I need to remember to enjoy this Journey.  I have certainly enjoyed it for the most part...and I am aware that since my weight loss has slowed so much...I have found myself a bit anxious the night before I weigh in...which is not enjoyable.  So...My goal from this point forward is to RELAX and keep doing my best and be willing to make changes as needed.  REMINDER TO THE FLUFFY GIRL:  God is in Charge!!!

So I am announcing a new MINI GOAL tonight.  I am planning on doing some healthy hiking and climb Enchanted Rock near Fredricksburg, TX next month.  For those that do not know...Enchanted Rock is a 425 ft outcropping of pink granite.  I spent some time there in my college days and have decided it will be a fun, energizing Mini-Goal #4.  I am tentatively planning on going next month-I will let everyone know when I am going. 

Here is link with a brief history of Enchanted Rock...

I found this quote today from another 2 time Olympic Gold Medalist and it really struck a chord with me...thought I would share.

“If we write our dreams and goals down, we dramatically increase our odds of realization. If we share them with others, they become potent and alive.”
― Kristin Armstrong

This really fits for me and reminds me that keeping this daily posting...journal of sorts...of my Journey has made this so much more fun. It has given me a place to poke fun at myself, be honest, share the ups and downs and Celebrate the gifts God has given me! 


A new Personal Best on the Evil Elliptical----25 MINUTES AND with increased resistance!!!!!  Thank You...Thank you...Thank you for the applause!!!!

So I am off...Ready for the weekend.  I will be cleaning house this weekend...going to try to make it fun and energetic...THAT should be a mini-goal me!!! LOL!!!

Lastly, I want to take a quick moment to congratulate 2 of my college buddies...Marian and Howard...after 20 plus years of living your lives post college, keeping in touch, having  families, taking life as it comes...that relationship has grown into something special and you guys are getting married!!!!  Congratulations to both of you...kind of reminds me of When Harry Met of my favorite movies of all time!  So here is clip for you...And a song!!!  My love to you both!

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