Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Just Call Me Flash!

Happy Hump Day...I hope all of  you here in the Houston area are staying dry! It was an icky day!  Nice to be home! 

I gave myself the day off from the gym...however last night I had another small Fluffy girl victory on the Evil Elliptical...I did a 13 minute mile...we are talking about Breaking the Sound Barrier people!  Just call me Flash!! Just know that it used to take me 48 hours to complete a mile on the evil machine!  Progress....Progress!

I also managed 60 crunches...actual crunches...not 60 bowls of Captain Crunches....but 60 CRUNCHES!

SO...tonight I am resting!  I am making an effort to Rest my body AND my mind. I know that my success depends on my ability to take reasonable breaks...mentally and physically...tonight I am doing both. 

Tomorrow will be busy...I am asking for prayers that I can manage my time in a healthy way...doing what I can do without getting into working long hours...stress overload, or wearing my grouchy pants for extended periods of time!

God is in charge!  Have a great Thursday!  MAWA INSPIRED!

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