Friday, August 16, 2013

Belly full of Butterflies!!!

As this event draws closer and closer...I seem to be "growing" a full crop of butterflies in my stomach!!!  Wowza!  I am nervous!  I guess largely because I am trying to pull off something I have never done a very public way...Just like this Journey...

At the time I started this Journey...I thought that playing volleyball front of anyone...would be a big deal...but now...I am not worried about playing volleyball...but in fact, trying to get a whole bunch of people to play volleyball and raise money doing it!!  Though I will say this...I am proud of this team I have assembled...We are working very hard to make this event a success AND my "team" is working very hard to invest in "Me and my Vision"...not always an easy job.

I am also proud that we have taken a small goal.. (me...playing VB again) and turned it into something bigger..something that has the potential to pay (or PLAY) forward all of the amazing love and support I have received in the last 12 months. 

So as always...PLEASE...keep this entire Journey in your prayers...Great things happen when one or more gather in HIS name!!!  I want to share that!!!

So...tomorrow is the beginning....OF YEAR 2!  So...I am STILL adjusting to the fact that this "year long journey" in fact, going to a be YEARS long journey...BUT strangely, I am kinda excited about continuing this process...looking ahead toward the possibilities of another year of dedicating myself to a better life...a better me! 

Here are a few more "Flashback Moments"

This was a gift from Emily and Harper...and a perfect depiction of how I felt "starting" this process!

Me and Em...the weekend I tried Kayaking for the 1st time!!!

My sad, sad very RED face after my 1st 3 mile walk!!!!

MY KNEE...after my very 1st 3 mile walk!!!!

Getting better!!!! Less tomato...more smiles!!!

The MAWA Inspired 1st 5K for The Houston Food Bank!!!  I finished and NOT in last place!!!

Always battling with drinking arch nemesis!!
Everyday of this Journey has been Amazing...even the days that feel like defeat...because I have discovered that I can rise above the defeat and when I do that...IT IS A VICTORY!!! 
See you tomorrow!!!!!

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