Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Time Flies When You Are Losing Fluff


Seriously...I am one fraction of a step from either laughing hysterically or sobbing...Hopefully...I can go to sleep before either happens..though I certainly choose laughing if it happens!
So tonight...Donna, Brigette, Lindsey, Kristen, Mom and I met at the facility that has been kind enough to donate a great gym facility for our event...Willowbrook Sports Complex.  We did a "planning" tour tonight..in hopes of getting all of our questions answered so that we can be prepared for set up in less than 2 weeks!!!! AHHHHH!!!  Thank God...I am surrounded by smart people!  Everyone asked good questions and I think we are pretty clear about what needs to be done next!!! 
I am excited about this event!  I have a lot of emotional investment in it!  I really want it to be a mirror of the kind of amazing blessings I have experienced in the last year and I want it to model..good healthy, active fun...Something I am really working to make a "habit" in my life! 
As most of you know...I have really tried to create an enviroment for this weight loss Journey that includes fun adventures...physical challenges and the potential for big accomplishment amid the daily grind of trying to lose weight!
Truly, if I just got up everyday...counted calories, walked in circles around my neighborhood did the same gym routine everyday...I don't think I would have stayed as dedicated!  Even though the benefits of living a healthier life probably should be incentive enough...Having these Mini-Goals...gives me something to work for inside the greater goal!!! 
So this event is one of those mini-goals...with maximum effort!  But it truly is like a snapshot of this whole process for me...Having a goal, surrounding myself with people to keep me focused on the task and then further "invite" others to help me accomplish the goal by being involved peripherally...by reading this blog..or following along on social media...or just listening to my story in a chance meeting...ALL roles are essential to my success and my HOPE is that I can GIVE that back with this event...I want people to "see" with their own eyes...what this Journey has been about and will continue to be about for the rest of my days.
So this EVENT is a culmination of my 1st year of living longer...of being happier...of celebrating ALL of those people who have invested even ONE moment of their valuable time in my Journey! 
I hope you will consider being a part...so that I can thank you personally for your dedication! 
August 17th will be ONE YEAR!!! I can't believe it...Time Flies When You are Losing Fluff!

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