Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Do Unto Others

Less than 3 days away...HAS ANYONE SEEN MY SANITY!!!  On top of being a complete doofas today, I am starting to get performance anxiety!!!  HA!!!

When I sang professionally...I almost ALWAYS got nervous before I took the stage...Even several years into performing...BUT...I will say this...the few times that I was NOT nervous before a performance...I was lousy!!!  So I am hoping that my performance anxiety for this event means that I will be on my to speak!!!

I am really starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel!  Some of the big outstanding issues we had have been resolved!  I have a few million small things to do...but hopefully the big stuff is resolved...PRAYERS PLEASE! 

I  know all of you will be REALLY glad when I move on from this topic...but don't get too comfortable...I will find something else to talk about incessantly...Don't you fret!!!

I find myself thinking that If we can pull this off this our 1st year..that this could become an annual event that really strives to raise awareness about being active, healthy and providing the means for kids who might be a little less fortunate an opportunity to experience the joy of learning, playing and growing in a healthy environment! 

I am hoping that this kind of work is included in my lifelong Journey...not just the short term Journey to Defluff!! 

So...I do hope you will JOIN us!!!  I am going to keep asking until it is over...and then...I will start asking for next year!!!  So...who's IN!!!!

I do want to stray a bit from the topic above.  I am aware that while I am engrossed in this part of my Journey...there are others in my life  that have struggles...dips on their own Life roller coaster. 

I have a friend who is currently experiencing something that is presenting a huge challenge for her...and her sweet family.  I will not disclose the details respect for her privacy. However, I do want to address what she is experiencing. 

I think that sometimes we all take ourselves too seriously...I am the poster child for that!  And at times...we find ourselves in an environment where other's self importance, self-righteousness, etc...begins to have a direct impact on our lives...I am sure that I have even been that imposing person...when I get too caught up in my own world to see how I impact those around me. 

My friend is experiencing a lot of unnecessary pain because of someone else's decisions and actions.  I pray for her and her family that they remember that God is with them in every step of this difficult time...even when it does not feel like it! I hope she can discern from the reality of others and trust the reality that she is a Child of God and loved beyond the capacity of anyone else's judgement or misplaced anger. 

My prayer for her will be that she rely on the strength and courage that she already has inside her and that of her family and a group of friends that truly know her and her heart!  My prayer is that she trusts that God will not leave her and that everything DOES happen for a reason in God's perfect plan.

The lesson in this for context to my this...I must continue to turn my life over to on my faith and truly keep life in perspective.  The reminder for me...always treat others with respect and dignity...Do unto others! are a few more year one pics, sayings..etc..things I love as I continue to recap Year One!!!

My Fall Volleyball girls-Praying!

 My Fall Volleyball girls ALL signed a ball for me!

 Christmas Dog...Oh Christmas Dog
 Jesus Calling passage about Worry!! Thanks Barb!
Another step on this Journey...Reaching another Goal!!

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